April 1, 2020 Kelly Lamb

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

It’s a well-known story.  When walking into a department store to shop for that perfect little cocktail dress, you find the most amazing LBD and it’s the ONLY ONE NOT ON SALE, of course it’s full price!  You have champagne taste on a beer budget.  The most important day of your life should be exactly what you envision … enter that pesky little word – Budget.

In the excitement of your engagement, the last thing you want to think about is money.  Unfortunately, it affects everything.  But you can make some tweaks and still have the day you envision.  So, let’s look at 4 big priorities (with a few hints along the way)?

1. Find your wedding planner

  • Many times, wedding planners have relationships with vendors who give us professional discounts that we will pass on to you, the client. We also know many tips and tricks to save you money along the way but most importantly – we preserve your sanity and relationships with family 😉.  We can convince Mom that you don’t really need to wear Great Aunt Alice’s 50-year-old poofy headpiece)

2. Choose Your Date

  • Fridays and Sundays from November through April are usually much less expensive – sometimes thousands of dollars)

3. Determine who is contributing to the budget

  • If both sets of parents are paying for everything or contributing a good chunk of the budget, you should determine whether this contribution comes with strings attached. If they say “our money, our day” then you may want to see what you can swing on your own.  However, if it’s a lovely gift, it’s a nice gesture to discuss what they may like to see and incorporate some of it to be respectful.

4. Make your guest list

  • This one is always tricky. Create the list of people you and your fiancé must have at your wedding.  Have your parents do the same.  Hopefully their list is not longer than yours.  Hopefully you know everyone on their list and hopefully it doesn’t include old Uncle George whom you haven’t seen since you were six months old.  After you have this list – look at each individual (especially the “plus ones”) … would you approach this individual and say “Hi, I’ve never met you (or I haven’t seen you or spoken to you in five years), here is $150.00.  May I take you to dinner?”  If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, cross’em off.

The bottom line to all of this is you probably don’t need 200 guests, eating Prime Rib, on a Saturday in June.  Remember … your people (the ones that you need to be there and who want to be there) will come if you serve pizza, on a Wednesday in January.  If you or your partner, don’t know every single face as you are walking down the aisle, then they do not need to be there on the most important day of your lives.  You can have your dream wedding if you manage your guest list and expectations.  Use Pinterest as an idea generator, not a must-have portfolio.  A good wedding planner can help you achieve your dream without breaking the bank.